I am a burundian artist …….


I had a dream…

I have a story to share.

A story about all the aspects of being human – in good and in bad.

I would like to share my stories, my dreams and my music with the


Through I had a dream will the listener be part of a journey that

expresses an unconditional joy of life; it is happy music telling that I’m

alive, I am survivor, I will create music, dance and happiness in this

world: Music that appeals to all humans feelings.

I was born in Burundi; the small country in the heart of Africa.I have

grown up in a family of mixture traditional music in

East  African vocals- and drums inspirited music and the sound of the

missionary’s hymns.

I came to Denmark – on the run from a terrible world. My head

was filled with horrible images and nightmares. As I add music to my

thoughts and inner images I experienced that I was able to express the

deepest emotions that had been impossible to communicate before.

When I started performing and sharing my dreams I saw that what had

been locked away as misery and horror could be transformed into music,

dance and mutual understanding.

What were lives in the music and the feelings reaches out towards new


Today I perform both alone and together with my band TAMBA BEAT.

Tamba is my homelands term for sincere dance and rhythm – The kind of

expression that comes from the deepest place in the soul and moves out

of the body through every single cell.

I had a dream is the title of my music. The lyrics tell my story, while the

afro-beat of the music calls out for movement and dance. When I

perform I experience that something happens with the audience: The

joy, the beat, and the movement merge into one mutual story; our story

of the moment.

Spend a moment and let me tell you a story of music…



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Jun 13
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